Project Pat Returns With 'Belly On Full Part 2'

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Memphis rapper Project Pat is releasing the follow-up to his belly on full mixtape with Nasty Mane, titled Belly On Full Part 2.

The release of Belly On Full Part 2 also marks the launch of Project Pat’s own company, Money Train Management. Money Train Management is being distributed by Memphis – based distributor, Select-O-Hits.

Project Pat tapped his brother/long time collaborator Juicy J for the lead single “P.O.L.O. (Horse Power).”

“I’ve been fortunate enough to maintain a career and produce music that people love for over a decade now,” Project Pat said. “I feel like in this digital era there are opportunities at every turn to reach new ears, and I hope that Belly On Full 2 continues my reputation for giving the people what they want.”

Check out the track list for Belly On Full 2 below:

01. Ratchet Bish
02. Check The Forecast
03. Kush Ups
04. Shotz
05. F#ck a Bish
06. POLO ft. Juicy J
07. Hatin Azz Ni**as
08. She Rollin
09. Never Kno
10. I Got It
11. I’m An Alien
12. Don’t Judge Me
13. Ain’t It Mane
14. Smoke on this Purple
15. Pop This Pill ft. Gorilla Zoe
16. Better When U High


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