Mel Carter - Popular Stranger

Date Added: September 19th, 2012
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Mel Carter - Popular Stranger


1.Intro (Produced by Proe Maserati)
2.Round The World (Produced by P. Carrera)
3.Diamond Rings & Porsches (Produced by J Dot)
4.Runaway (Produced by J Dot)
5.Bad You Know Feat. J Dot (Produced by J Dot)
6.Down (Produced by J Dot)
7.Way Too Cold Freestyle
8.100 Miles (Produced by J Dot)
9.H.Y.G.I. Feat. Fly Rah (Produced by J Dot)
10.Miseducated - Interlude (Produced by J Dot)
11.Gold Bottles & Patron (Produced by Hunga)
12.Black Rose Feat. Sonyae Elise (Produced by Hunga)
13.Dark Shades (Produced by BeatsBangFame)
14.Go Head Feat. I Diezel (Produced by Hunga)
15.Make It (Produced by Hunga)

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